Friday, March 21, 2008

Mexican Sojourn, Pt. 1: The Historic Scene

Yes, you heard it right. We're down in Mexico for a few days of vacationing thanks to a generous donation from my mother and a friend who has a condo in the lovely city of Mazatlan. This week is Semana Santa or Holy Week, and the town is packed with Mexicans on vacation with their families. It's crazy and exciting to witness a culture celebrate one of its most important holidays, and I can't wait for Easter Day to see what happens.

The weather is sunny and highs are in the mid-80s with a lovely breeze blowing in off the marina where we're ensconced in the simple luxury of our friend's condo. It's a small place, with two bedrooms and a deck off the living room that overlooks the marina on the north end of town.

Historic home waiting for help (click to see open roof).

Yesterday she and her husband escorted us to the historic district in the center of the old city. The colonial architecture is phenomenal, especially the buildings that have been restored and returned to their original status as private homes, but also those that have been repurposed as bed and breakfasts or shops. What's incredible to me is that they survived at all rather than being razed for new development.

Another home after restoration.

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Loo said...

Mexico! Drink a mojito for me! Send more pictures, we wanna see . . .

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! An installment from Mexico. Tell Dave that Arnie came back with tales of several birthday parties -- especially one where the bando was so loud that people on the beach were dancing!

Enjoy! Enjoy!

Kathleen Bauer said...

Alas, no mojitos because they don't have mint here and, curiously, no gin. But we're making do with , rum and tequila. Poor us!