Sunday, March 09, 2008

Brand New Toy

You gotta love Craigslist.

From furniture to cars to jobs to your (possible) future mate, it's got everything. The "Best Of Craigslist" is often hysterically funny when it's not, as they warn, "explicitly sexual, scatalogical, offensive, graphic, tasteless, and/or not funny."

And Dave scours it relentlessly, even when we're not in the market for a car, a kegerator or whatever woodworking tool he's desiring at the moment. But his fancy got tickled on Saturday when he saw an ad for a brand new never-been-stoked Cook'n Ca'jun II smoker.

As I've written before, this is a guy who's out in the weather at Christmas 'cueing a 20-plus-pound bird with a beer in his hand, so he was out the door as soon as he found out it was still available. Now we're making plans for all kinds of meat products, including some more of that pork shoulder we've discovered.

If you've got recipes, ideas or, especially, experience to share, do tell!


Anonymous said...

Too bad Dave can't enjoy cheese. Smoked cheese is pretty good. You guys are gonna have the entire neighborhood salivating at your fence. Let's see we should be up in the 'hood in July...we'll bring beer and wine and a stained glass piece ;-)

Kathleen Bauer said...

Well, if we could figure out how to smoke an aged cheese, it might just work! And we'll definitely have the smoker up and running for your visit. Woo hoo!

peg @ pastry pieces said...

Hi - I thought you might be interested in the Oregon Chocolate Festival in Ashland this past weekend - I was a vendor there and have pictures posted at
I was also at the Forestry Center, I don't know if you stopped by my table there. It was knee deep in kids most of the time! I loved your pictures and info on the show.

For anyone interested in an inexpensive chocolate class, I offer a hands on chocolate class for beginners - tempering and making chocolate decoration - March 22 from 10 to 1, for $20.
Like many, I love your blog!

Peggy from PastryPieces.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Hi Peg. I heard about the chocolate fest at the WFC, but couldn't get there, darn it. Thanks for the link to the pix!

Hands-on chocolate class...sounds finger-lickin' good!