Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Man Meets Griddle

One of the best parts of our kitchen remodel was replacing our really cool but uninsulated and underpowered vintage 1920s stove with a brand new Jenn-Air downdraft model with big funky handles and plenty of BTUs. It also came with an interchangeable burner/grill/griddle cartridge system that Dave has fallen head-over-heels in love with.

And, since he's the one who does the big breakfast production numbers around here, he particularly digs the non-stick griddle for doing batches of pancakes, bacon and fried eggs. But to my mind the best thing he does is hash browns made with grated potatoes and onions, garlic and a nice sprinkling of Spanish smoked paprika. With some of those fried eggs and bacon and a little salsa, this has got to be one of my favorite big breakfasts ever.

Dave's Hash Browns

2 Tbsp. butter or margarine
4 potatoes, grated
1 med. yellow onion, grated
4 cloves garlic, minced
2-3 tsp. smoked paprika
Salt and pepper to taste

Melt butter on griddle or in cast iron frying pan. Mix potatoes, onions and garlic together and place on griddle, spreading them out no thicker than 1/2". Sprinkle with paprika, salt and pepper. Turn as they brown and keep turning until they're cooked through. Adjust seasonings and serve.

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About how long does it take?