Friday, October 09, 2009

Man of Peace

He's been in office for a little over nine months. When he took office, an economic crisis that nearly took down the entire country and was predicted to last for years is turning around in large part because of the actions he's taken. A world that had written off America as an incorrigible bully for its policies of "pre-emptive self-defense" are now coming to the table to talk about how countries can work together to solve the problems of nuclear proliferation, global warming and poverty.

Yes, it's early days. But honestly, it's a different world from the one we were living in a year ago. I'm jazzed that the Nobel committee awarded President Obama this year's Peace Prize. And rather than working against each other, it might just give us the courage to come together on the critical issues that confront us.


Kate said...

well said!

EcoGrrl said...

i agree whole heartedly. many have said 'but what has he DONE', as if influencing the whole world's emotionally negative view of our country (a view often well deserved as so many people talk as if we are so superior in the world) isn't a tremendous accomplishment. Being humble makes a difference and now I just hope this will inspire him to do more for our environmental well being along with our social well being.

koprime said...

amen. I could not agree more, and am angry with the haters.

thanks for talking peace.