Monday, October 26, 2009

In Season NW: Monster Mash

Consider, for a moment, the humble celery root. The mind is boggled, for starters, at the sheer temerity (or was it stupidity?) of the first human that got it into her head that this would be a good thing to eat. It's extremely ungainly looking…one might even say ugly. I've seen them grow to be almost as big as a toddler's head.

A mash of celery root and potato is to die for when paired with meats.

But strip off the outer layer, chop it into chunks and boil or sauté till tender and you've got yourself the beginnings of something any mother, or anyone else for that matter, could love. With its light, slightly celery-like flavor and starchy, smooth texture, it's perfect in a half-and-half mash with potatoes, a half stick of butter and a little warm milk. And puréed with other ingredients it would be a great base for a creamed vegetable soup.

Once again proving that by looking below the surface, you might just find a beauty inside the beast.

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