Saturday, October 17, 2009

Livin' in the Blurbs: Doing Some Good

Sometimes I'll walk by an office building, glance in the window and see what looks like a magazine spread inside…you know what I mean…all modern furniture, cool-looking people and zoomy technical gadgets with artwork everywhere. Well, now you can get an up-close-and-personal look at some of Portland's grooviest workplaces on the Street of Eames Goes to Work tour. It's only $30, and proceeds go to the Center for Architecture and the Street of Eames Fund, which pays for two after-school programs for homeless elementary school students.

Details: Street of Eames Goes to Work. Thurs., Oct. 29, 5-8 pm. Tickets $30, available online.

* * *

How much fresh produce, locally produced goodies and plants would $2,000 buy? The mind boggles at the prospect. But you could be the one to find out if you win the Portland Farmers' Market prize drawing to support the market's efforts in the community. Other prizes are pretty fab, too, like a pizza party at Nostrana or a gift package at The Nines hotel, two of the many offered. PFM vendors are competing to sell the most tickets (they get a free day's booth fee), so buy your ticket at the market, or you can go online and purchase them as well. The drawing is at the Oct. 31 Halloween market, so act quickly!

Details: Portland Farmers' Market Prize Drawing. Tickets $10; available online or from market vendors. Description of prizes here.

* * *

Those insidious non-profits are at it again, tempting us with events featuring tasty tidbits while secretly giving the ticket money away to those less fortunate. Don't you just hate that? This time it's Zupan's that has teamed up with the Sunshine Division, a nonprofit emergency food relief program, to provide holiday meals for families in need. Called the Taste of Zupan's, they're saying 100% of ticket sales ($10 at the stores or online, $15 at the door) will go to the relief agency. 100%? Egad—what happened to good old capitalism?

Details: Taste of Zupan's at the Heathman. Sat., Nov. 14, 11 am-4 pm; tickets $10 at store or online, $15 at the door. Info 503-803-3729.

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