Saturday, July 18, 2009

Travels with Chili: The Journey Begins

Trumpets sounded, the crowd roared, a dog barked, clouds parted and, oh yeah, a baby cried. Y'know, the usual harbingers of a siginificant event in literature. In a workplace, a memo would have gone out and, befitting its importance, coffee and donuts would have been served in the conference room.

In this case, we drove up to the house, parked, and pretty soon the neighbors started gathering, oohing and ahhing, opening doors and (if you're Mace, anyway) pushing buttons. Everyone had to sit in the driver's seat, watch the sunroof(s) slide back and forth, and close their eyes and breath in the new car smell.

Pretty soon beer was being poured, wine bottles opened and a block party erupted that lasted into the late evening as kids played race car in the front seat , complete with "vroom vroom" sound effects. All of it a good sign of adventures sure to come.

Introducing: Chili.


Susan G. Hauser said...

If your handsome Chili mated with my lovely Miss Lola Belle, I think an orange would pop out.

seh said...

Susan, that's hilarious!

Kathleen Bauer said...

And a cute orange it would be! So nice to hear from you, my dear. How goes the Hawai'ian?

Kate said...

welcome to the MINI club! I have a cool blue convertible cooper S, and I LOVE him (His name is Sir Winston)! Be prepared for lots of waves from fellow MINI owners. A great website to check out is A whole bunch of MINI (the new ones) and Mini (the old ones) fans with lots of great MINI advice! Love your blog!

Kathleen Bauer said...

Thanks, Kate! We are still loving our Chili, and you can be sure I'll be posting our latest adventures here. Cheers!