Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Travels with Chili: Happy, Sad, Happy, Part Two

It could all have gone very wrong. Especially since I'd waited till the last minute to make arrangements. And I'm not talking about scattering my parents' ashes. We knew exactly what we needed to do there because my mother had issued strict orders. Which, being the dutiful but still "You're not the boss of me!" types that we are, we pretty-nearly-almost followed to the letter.

The aptly named Safe Harbor.

We'd agreed on the date weeks before, but I hadn't made a reservation for a place for the seven of us and two dogs to stay. At the beach. On a sunny summer weekend. Get the picture?

Fortunately, while perusing Craigslist, I'd run across a rental agency that had several properties just south of Gleneden Beach. A phone call put me in touch with Lisa at the office of Bella Beach Vacation Rentals, who sent links to several of their rental properties in the development, a sort of Levittown-by-the-sea type of place. One, a three bedroom charmer called Safe Harbor, slept seven, would accept our two dogs and was perfect for our needs.

India Pelican Ale at the Pelican Pub.

The first night was a blur of cocktails, wine, steaks and reminiscing. The next day everyone else headed back to town, leaving us to a long walk on the beach and some shopping in Newport's Nye Beach area (a stop at my mom's favorite clothing shop, Toujours, was mandatory). Dave had hoped to have a beer at Sea Towne Pub, home of Steve Wilson's SKW Brewing. Wilson, the former cellar master from Newport's Rogue Brewing, had opened it fairly recently and we'd heard good things about his beers, but they were closed on Sundays.

Pelican Pub's excellent fish'n'chips.

But in Oregon you're never far from a freshly brewed beer, so we decided to hit the Pelican Pub & Brewery in Pacific City for an early dinner (Chili on the beach outside the pub, top photo). Their beers are truly great, their fish and chips are very good, but the real reason to go is the view out the windows. Sitting right on the beach, with water lapping the sand just yards from the door and overlooking the rocky outcroppings off Cape Kiwanda, this is the place to quaff a pint at sunset.

With a pint of Doryman's Dark for Dave and their India Pelican Ale (IPA, get it?) for me, it was the perfect grace note to end our weekend of sweet release.


EcoGrrl said...

great story but curious as to why you drove your car onto the beach?

Kathleen Bauer said...

That's exactly what my husband and son asked. I said, "For the picture, of course!"

BTW, Pacific City, or at least the part right outside the pub, is one of the very few places in Oregon that allows cars on the beach. Not that I think it's a great idea, but this once…