Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Magazine Goes Ten for Twelve

It's a time when newspapers and magazines all over the country are vaporizing like flies on a bug zapper.

I suppose that, as a blogger and a contributor to the rise of the Twitter-verse, it's partly my fault. And as a devotee of that how-did-I-live-without-it, (not)-created-by-Al Gore entity called the internet for the past two decades, I've definitely played a role in print's plunge into the abyss filled with the dinosaurs of their day like...well...dinosaurs, transistor radios and Dick Cheney (he's in there, right?).

So it's encouraging when a print publication actually finds an audience, as well as advertisers, and increases its output to reflect that. And that's just what's happening to MIX (which I've written for), the glossy food magazine that's put out by the same folks who bring you the Oregonian's FoodDay section (ditto), according to FoodDay editor Martha Holmberg.

Currently publishing every two months, MIX will begin publishing ten times a year. "There will be a couple of 'double' issues, in summer and at the end of year," Holmberg said.

Frankly, as a writer, I couldn't be happier!


Jennifer said...

Wow, this is great news! When others are closing shop, it's good to see this one will expand a bit.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Like I said, as a "content provider" I'm always happy when a publication stays in business! And it's not just because Martha has been so encouraging and helpful. (And I'm not brown-nosing. Seriously.)

EcoGrrl said...

I love this magazine. What's good about it in comparison to others is that it's relevant. Where other magazines have a lot of 'duh', MIX is one I can read front to back. What a concept! Thanks for the news :)

Kathleen Bauer said...

Happy to pass it along. Look for my story on women beer brewers next spring!