Monday, November 19, 2007

Vinter Vonderland

No doubt you're laying in your supply of beverages for the holiday and getting your sister her Chardonnay and Dad his zinfandel and maybe Uncle Donny his Jack Daniels. (Or does he carry that in a hip flask and it took you several years to figure out why, when he excused himself to go to the "little boys' room," he always came back looking much more relaxed?) But don't forget those folks that might prefer a locally brewed malt beverage to a fine wine.

And if you'd rather shoot yourself than have a can o' Coors on your Thanksgiving table, look no further than Laurelwood's new bottling of their Vinter Varmer for the solution. A medium-dark Oregon microbrew, this has lots of body and flavor with a well-balanced profile that doesn't overwhelm you with too many hops or malt. Plus it'd be perfect with the turkey, gravy and yams you're serving for dinner.

Pour it into a nice pint glass and it'll even fit right in with your table setting. Just ask Uncle Donny to keep the flask off the table.

Details: Laurelwood Public House and Brewery Vinter Varmer Seasonal Ale. Available in 22 fl. oz. bottles at selected outlets around Portland, including New Seasons, Wild Oats, Market of Choice, QFC and, of course, at the Laurelwood Public House on 51st and Sandy.


Loo said...

Beer sounds like a great idea for Thanksgiving, I think perhaps it balances the meal better than...dast I say it?... I dast! wine.

We are heading over to friend's and perhaps I will tote along some beer just to be different, along with the beet salad I'm springing on 'em instead of those ubiquitous yams that no one really likes.

Kathleen Bauer said...

I always loved that Chimay Grand Reserve that you guys pulled out on occasion. I think it would be great with the tur-kay!

Beet salad...yummmmm. If it's terrific, send it along and I'll share it on der blog.