Thursday, November 22, 2007

Being Thankful

I'm taking a moment between making pies, setting the table and enjoying the gorgeous sunlight streaming in the kitchen windows to remember how thankful I am. For my health and the well-being of my family, for loving friends, for living in such a wonderful part of this country. I'm thankful for the bounty that we are afforded that, to some extent due to our own excesses, so many do not share in.

Today is a day of gathering, of storytelling and of celebrating the harvest. It's a time to reflect, to enjoy and to share. I hope that you know how thankful I am for the opportunity to write this blog and for those of you who read it. I hope your day is full!


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for so many things that really aren't things. Doing the job I have that brings fun, funny, kind people into my life; living in Portland; having a wide net of cool people in my life that make me laugh...what more could I ask for!? world that's funny!

Kathleen Bauer said...

You're right, and you're one of the people who add so much to my life. I'm so thankful for you!