Friday, November 02, 2007

Synchronicity? Or Am I Dreaming?

I've had this feeling that early one morning I'm going to feel someone shaking my shoulders and saying, "Hurry up! You're late for school!" Then I'll open an eye and leaning over me will be my mom holding a sack lunch and I'll be back in sixth grade hell again.

The reason for my trepidation? Things are going just a little too well lately.

A few months ago I got in a simple e-mail conversation with Kim Carlson, the editor at, that turned into an article on paella. Then Martha Holmberg, the editor of FoodDay, puts out a call for people to write in about their local farmers' market, and no one responds. No one except me. So I get the gig. Which becomes a weekly column and some feature work for them. All good, right?

Then Deborah Kane over at Edible Portland sees the Market Watch column and thinks I might be a good fit for their Edible Notes department. So I write up a sample column, they love it and I'm signed up to do the column for them next year. And if all that isn't weird enough for someone who's never, ever thought of herself as a writer, get this: Angie Jabine over at NW Palate e-mailed last week and asked if I'd like to come by their office next Tuesday to watch a chef make gnocchi, maybe get my hands dirty, have lunch and then write about it. For money.


If this all sounds a little too good to be true, join the club. I'm waiting for Mrs. Wood to call my mom asking if I'll be coming to school today.


Anonymous said...

You`re doing a great job, I love your blog! I`m learning so much about my city, and good food tips help my imagination. Cooking every day can be oppressive without some inspiration. Thank you for what you do. Randall

Kathleen Bauer said...

Thanks, Randall! If we can all help each other, then we're doing something right.