Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Market Watch

I don't know what it is about getting published in the newspaper that I find so darn much fun. Is it memories of my parents cutting out the articles and taping them up on the refrigerator whenever one of their kids appeared in the local paper? Whatever the deep psychological significance, I got my second Market Watch column in the FoodDay section of the Oregonian this morning.

It featured the season opening of the Eastbank Farmers Market and went something like this:

"The market: Eastbank Farmers Market.

"What caught her eye:

"Fava beans from Denison Farms of Corvallis. These beauties are the very first of the spring favas. Perfect all by themselves with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and a sprinkling of mint, they also make a great puree to serve with chicken or Simon's salmon (see below). Combined with garlic, olive oil and mint and mashed, they make a terrific topping for bruschetta. (Note that fava beans need to have both their outer pods and the translucent but tough skin removed before eating. Blanch the shucked beans in boiling water for about a minute, rinse with cool water, and then slit the skin and pinch out the bright green beans.) Available through July; $1.89 per pound, at the moment. [see my Seasonal Greens article that includes the spread recipe]

"Columbia River salmon from Simon Sampson the Salmon Man [photo]. (Whole salmon $6 per pound; fillet $10 per pound.) Simon pulls up to the market with his truck full of some of the freshest salmon I've ever seen; huge wild salmon that still smell of the river and large roast-size fillets that would feed a dinner party. Several area restaurants come to the market to buy their salmon directly from him because they know the quality and freshness can't be beat. No need to marinate these in teriyaki . . they're so fresh all you want is a little olive oil, a little salt and pepper, maybe some spring onions and slices of lemon inside. Fabulous! Available most of the season."

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