Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Digging the Neighbors, Part Deux

I figured you were getting curious about the new neighbors and their garden, if we're still getting along and have they given us any bok choi. I can answer in the affirmative on both counts, and we've been plying them with wine, beer and dinner invitations to lull them into complacency so that when our evil plan springs into action, they'll be none the wiser. Bwahahahaha!

If only we were smart enough to have an evil plan or the focus (not to mention the energy) to spring it on anyone, that is. Alas. Guess we'll just have to wander down to their garden and babble admiringly like everyone else about how big everything is, how handsome the hazelnut-shell pathways look and how well the sharp nutshells are keeping the slugs away.

You can take a look at the early garden here for comparison's sake. Among other things, there are sunflowers, corn, berries, potatoes, the aforementioned bok choi, tomatillos, romaine and several other things bursting out of the ground. And friendly (and hungry) neighbors waiting to spring into action (or whatever).

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