Monday, May 21, 2007

Frozen Delights

I know that phrase usually refers to something in the sweet rather than the savory category, but when I'm not feeling like cooking dinner or I get preoccupied with blogging and run out of time, it's nice to know my options. And the quickest and closest solution is to have something in the freezer I can just pull out and heat.

Since we're not into Lean Cuisine or any of its boxy cousins, I was pleased to find out that next week ¿Por Que No?, that vortex of good vibes on N. Mississippi, is going to start offering their signature Latin American-style tamales frozen by the dozen. This style of tamale is wrapped in banana leaves that help the corn meal to stay moist and fluffy, not dense or dry. They make a variety of fillings, from vegetable to chicken to pork with almonds and raisins. So you can feed everyone from your "Hey, Mom, I've decided to become a vegetarian" daughter to your meat-loving husband all at once.

Call ahead to see what flavors they're featuring and order a dozen for just $30. One or two of these babies and a salad and you've got dinner ready in 15 minutes!

Details: ¿Por Qué No?, 3524 N. Mississippi. Phone 503-467-4149.

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