Friday, March 23, 2007

Portland Goes 3D

If you love Portland but think it sometimes (especially on cold, rainy days) seems a little one-dimensional, I have news for you, pal. Portland happens to be the home of the 3D Center of Art and Photography, featuring "the best in antique and contemporary 3D imagery." According to their website, this includes 3D cameras, projectors, viewing devices and information panels showing the history of 3D photography that allow you "to slip into the amazing world of depth." Wow! And I thought all that perspective stuff was just for suckers!

In April and May they're going to be featuring two evening discussions about that most amazing of all devices, the View-Master, with Joe Liptak, one of the company's original sculptors. (That's him in the photo.) Responsible for creating the sets and characters for Cinderella, the Jungle Book and others, he'll be discussing the art of making those amazing characters and will have some of them on display.

If you were one of those kids (like I was) who would flip through those magical round reels till the lever wore out, this event is for you!

Details: View-Master, an Evening with the Artists at the 3D Center of Art and Photography, 1928 NW Lovejoy. Thurs., April 19 and Sat., May 19 at 7 pm. Tickets $6 advance, $8 at the door. E-mail or phone 503-227-6667.

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