Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Playhouse Lives

The wonderful thing about PeeWee's playhouse was that it was a combination kid's bedroom and design explosion. If you walk into the Grass Hut in what's now known as LoBu (that's Lower Burnside to the unhip among us) you get that same wonderful feeling of playful, creative minds at work, in this case making a space that functions simultaneously as a gallery, shop and art studio.

Founders Bwana Spoons and Justin "Scrappers" Morrison have created this idiosyncratic expression from their own art, which is produced on an art table behind the counter with the porthole opening (right), and from a rotating gallery of national and international art that premiers each first Friday. And then there's the plethora of printed matter from art books and 'zines to limited edition indie-published books, at prices that start around $3.

It's a very cool spot, and it makes me happy just walking into it. I have a feeling it's going to be a regular stop when I need a creativity fix, or for that gift item that can't be found anywhere else.

Details: Grass Hut, 811 E. Burnside. Hours: Thurs.-Sun., 12 am-7 pm. Phone 503-445-9924.


Anonymous said...

hey there!

glad you made it by the grass hut. bwana and scrapper are the bestests. another place your fans may find interesting:

they have a room full of video games from the 80's. next time i come up north, we're making a pilgrimage there.


Kathleen Bauer said...

Miguel! I thank you for the prompt to go to the hut in the first place. And now are so plugged in!

Let us know when you're coming and we'll do a jaunt together.