Thursday, March 08, 2007

Got Fruit?

Sorry for the late notice, but this Saturday you won't want to miss a chance to have a garden full of fruit for free. And your kids (or all the neighbors' kids) will love you for it. The Home Orchard Society is having a Fruit & Berry Cuttings (Scion) Exchange that will feature hundreds of free fruit-tree cuttings and grafting help, as well as rootstocks, plants, grafting books and mason bees available for purchase.

If you've thought about walking out the door in the morning and picking a sun-warmed peach off the tree or gathering some dewy berries for your cereal, this is the event for you.

Details: Home Orchard Society Fruit & Berry Cuttings (Scion) Exchange. Sat., Mar. 10; 10 am-4 pm; $6/person, $10/family. Alder Creek Middle School, 13801 SE Webster Rd. at Hwy. 224, Milwaukie.


Alan Cordle said...

Hi Kathleen,

Other Kathleen's hubby here. I've been raising mason bees for years now -- maybe it's time to give them some scions. Thanks for the tip!

Kathleen Bauer said...

Hey, great to hear from you!

The Home Orchard folks are supposed to be a great group. We have a friend who's been involved with them for years and says they're very welcoming and are great for advice. Should be fun!