Friday, March 01, 2013

Why I Love My Friends, Part One

It's kind of like that British series that played here in the 80s called Good Neighbors. An English couple…well, the husband, actually…turns 40 and decides he and his wife need to become self-sufficient on their little walk-up in Surbiton.

Mom and kid.

My friends, who stopped short of their Brit-com counterparts in that they don't try to make their own clothes or generate their own electricity from animal waste, rented the as-yet-undeveloped pasture behind their Happy Valley home—which is surrounded by 9,000-square-foot McMansions—for their dozen or so chickens, a flock of sheep and some newly acquired Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Talk about DIY city living. And I get to visit and play with the animals. I call that awesome!

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