Monday, June 27, 2011

MIXing It Up: Summer's Best Bevs

The request from the editor at MIX magazine was simple enough: a feature on the best summer drinks in Portland, 100 words or less each. Deadline: two weeks. Put a list together, get it approved and go.

No problem.

Jacob Grier's Cleared for Departure at Metrovino.

It's about then, after I accept an assignment and the editor's counting on me to fill the allotted spaces, that my mind goes blank. Drinks? Summer? Huh?

This train of thought is usually followed by a mild panic. Then I start thinking about who I can call for help digging me out of this self-inflicted predicament. Cocktails…let's see…maybe Jacob Grier and Dave Shenaut would be willing to help out. And Smith Teamaker is doing some interesting things with tea infusions. Beer's not a problem, I know who to call for tips on summer releases. Whew!

Departure Sling at Departure Lounge.

A little less than two weeks later the copy's in to the magazine and I've met yet another round of fascinating Portland folks. Read the results in "50 Best Summer Drinks" featuring my contributions:
  • Fruit Teas at Smith Tea
  • Slora Rustica at Upright Brewing
  • Evelyn's Imperial Sunshine Double IPA at Hopworks
  • Tea Beer at Rogue Brewing
  • Departure Sling at Departure Lounge
  • Jacob Grier's Cleared for Departure at Metrovino (recipe here)
  • Dave Shenaut's Souracher at Zeus Café
Photo of fruit teas by Brian Feulner for the Oregonian; photo of Departure Sling by Motoya Nakamura for the Oregonian.

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