Saturday, October 23, 2010

Speak Your Mind

Special occasions in most families mean celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. But around here we also include elections. In the past we'd go out to breakfast after casting ballots at our neighborhood precinct, being greeted (and sometimes grilled) by a panel of elderly neighbors who would patiently show new voters the ropes and check signatures in the holy precinct book.

In this day of mail-in ballots, we sit down around the dining room table and pull out the voters' guide, spending a few minutes bubbling in our choices, looking up (and arguing about) the various issues and discussing which candidate has the worst photo. As a reward for all of this hard work participating in our democratic system, we toast our wisdom with a celebratory cocktail or a nice glass of red.

If you or your family have a voting tradition, please share it in the comments below. But above all be sure to vote and get your ballot in by Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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