Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween is all about walking up to strangers' houses and begging them for goodies. And we send out children from toddlers to teens to do it. But as adults many of us are terrified to walk into a strangers' house even if it means there's going to be an evening of awesome music ahead.

If you've heard about "house concerts," where someone hosts a concert in their home for a minimal charge with most of the proceeds going to the musician(s), but you're not sure you can get into that kid-on-Halloween mental state, I've got the perfect gateway concert. My friend Bob Smith and his gracious wife Chris are hosting Nashville musician and former Portlander Craig Carothers at their lovely Mt. Tabor home. Craig will be presenting an evening of songs, satire and general merriment and, having seen Craig at their home before, I can guarantee you'll have a great time. If you're feeling social, you'll also meet a bunch of really nice folks.

You might just find it as much of a rush as that Halloween candy used to be.

Details: Tabor Neighbor House Concerts presents Craig Carothers. Sat., Nov. 13; Door 7 pm, music 7:30 pm; $15, reservation required via e-mail.

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