Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Indeed!

Some people, honestly. Luring me to their home the night before Halloween with a menu of "Corpse Revivers, Monkey Glands, Satan's Whiskers or some other appropriately named cocktail," when I arrived the dining room table was covered in newspaper and topped with a dozen pumpkins and squashes of varying sizes. Various implements of destruction were also on display, including power tools. Before I could skedaddle the heck out of there, though, a Monkey Gland was shoved into my hand. I left several hours later, two pumpkins to my credit. Thanks, K & D!


dds said...

I love how your little guy has a sparkle coming from one of his pearly whites!

K finished his beauty-queen 'kin and his scarred giant after you left; they make a lovely couple. Thanks for all the help, I hope this doesn't mean you'll be wise to our tricks next year.....your art pedigree paid off very well last night!

Kathleen Bauer said...

It was so sweet of you to host…I'll come any time (especially with K's expert hand with the shaker). And to have the pumpkins pre-cleaned—now that's livin'!