Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Talented Neighbor

Some people have a surfeit of talent. Leonardo da Vinci is the classic example. In the food realm, there are James Beard and Julia Child, to name just a couple. Among the culinarily über-talented is my neighbor, Ivy Manning. Writer, blogger, recipe developer, teacher, organizer, greyhound activist, author of several cookbooks…this gal's got it all. She's even pretty hot, as evidenced in the photo above.

The reason for this post, aside from pointing out that the photo of the fetching couple was taken in my kitchen? Well, you could get Ivy's new book, The Adaptable Feast: Satisfying Meals for the Vegetarians, Vegans, and Omnivores at Your Table(left), for yourself or as a gift for your favorite mixed-diet couple. (The photos were taken by her husband, Gregor, who's no slouch in the talent department, either.) For a preview, check out a recent article she wrote for titled Mixed Diet Dinners: A Pro Offers Suggestions for the Cook.

And really, don't they look sweet in that kitchen?

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