Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheesy Resolutions

If you're tired of making the same old resolutions every year like "lose weight" or "exercise more," then my pal Tami Parr at the Pacific NW Cheese Project has a take on the subject that I'm liking a lot: Learn about cheese!

Her suggestions include:
  1. Read cheese books, including Mastering Cheeseby Max McCalman and Laura Werlin's Cheese Essentialswhich includes 50 recipes for home cooks. And I'd recommend Tami's Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwestfor anyone interested in discovering the people and stories behind our burgeoning creamery scene.
  2. Buy and eat cheese (my favorite suggestion).
  3. Attend cheese events. Tami's always got lots listed on her blog.
The point is, of course, that this kind of thinking can be extended to other subjects and pursuits as well, from wine to consuming more locally to skydiving (well, maybe not that, at least in my case). So, as Tami urges, "Now—go!"

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