Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Micro Machines

"It's being called the fourth wave, and it's represented by the tsunami of small roasters that are making Portland the new beachhead on the nation's coffee front."

Read my article in today's FoodDay section of the Oregonian titled "The New Micro-Roasters: A Big Passion for Small Batches."


Anonymous said...

Just curious what makes a microroaster? Our company (Schondecken Coffee Roasters) has been roasting 4-5# batches since before 1982. We think it possible that it was 1st small independent roaster in PDX. Anyway, enjoyed yur article very much. We'll have to try some of them. Thanks.
Jim Duncan

Kathleen Bauer said...

Yes, I'm familiar with your coffees and they're excellent! For this article, FoodDay wanted a read on the roasters working with small-batch, single-origin, estate grown coffees.

I originally gave them a list of around 15 roasters, which they narrowed down to the folks featured. Are we lucky to have so many of you talented people, or what?