Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seeing Double in the Hood

As regular readers know by now, my husband is a beer nut. Not the crunchy, snack-food kind but the sort who, whenever he hears about a new brewpub in town, has to call a friend and check it out immediately. And you can only imagine what he's like on trips. Forget historical sites, finding a good local restaurant or a nice little B&B. He's online making an itinerary of the breweries we simply have to visit.

So when we drove to see my brother in The Dalles, he casually mentioned that on the way back we might visit Double Mountain's pub in Hood River, which wasn't open when we came back through town from our camping trip. Being the understanding person I am, I of course acquiesced to his suggestion, knowing it would make him an immeasurably happier camper.

The pub is just a block or two off the town's main drag and has the feel of someone's basement rec room, with couches and beer memorabilia, plus a few cafe tables, scattered around. We ordered pints of their India Red Ale (IRA) and Hop Lava IPA, and both were full-bodied with a rich flavor, the Red being a bit milder and less hoppy than the IPA.

A place where you could take a break driving home from a hike or from just walking through Hood River's nice little downtown shopping district, I'd probably eat someplace else, but they do serve pizzas and snacks. And, don't tell Dave I said so, but the beer really is worth stopping for.

Details: Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom, 8 4th St., Hood River. Phone 541-387-0042.

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