Thursday, August 07, 2008

In Season: Peaches

There is nothing that says summer to me more than those luscious, perfumed orbs that we call peaches. Others might argue that it's the berries or the tomatoes that are the essence of the season and, of course, they'd be right. For themselves.

But everything about peaches, from the smooth meaty texture of the flesh to the thick juice that pours out of them from the very first bite, is the music of the season for me. The symphony I'd write would speak of warm, languid days, fruit hanging heavily on the trees and a light breeze that carries their scent to me.

And tonight I'm going to sit in the back yard (or the hammock if I can get to it first) and have some fresh slices on ice cream. Summer!

Photo of Sweet Sue peaches at the Milwaukie Farmers' Market.

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