Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hot Spot: Nuestra Cocina

Deciding what to do for a special occasion is always fraught with indecision around here. Tradition would dictate choosing one of several high-end dining spots on the list of favorites, like Castagna or Paley's Place. Or going to one of the seemingly endless number of new restaurants that have opened and we haven't yet made it to. Then there's the temptation to grab a couple of steaks, fire up the 'cue and shake up a martini right here at home.

But to take advantage of the occasion (our anniversary), we decided to go for a drink at our new favorite hangout, Bar Avignon, and think about where to have dinner. After a cocktail and their killer pate plate, we took the easy way out and simply walked across the street to Nuestra Cocina.

It was a warm Friday night and packed, so there was a substantial wait for a table, but we settled in at the bar and in short order were presented with their amazing pork tacos. A plate of four of the most sumptuous tacos you'll ever hope to meet for only six bucks, these were incredible. When we got our seats at the kitchen bar, we ordered the ceviche, a mindblowing mixture of mango, chile and seafood served with house-made tortilla chips that rivaled the best ceviches we had in Mexico.

Not having the sense to stop there, we ordered entrees, Dave deciding on the classic (and one of the best dishes on the menu) Cochinito Pibil with my choice being the Enchiladas de Hongos, mushrooms, potato and cheese-stuffed tortillas in a light chile sauce. Both were terrific, but we were so stuffed we brought half of each one home, a windfall for Mr. B who was happy to destroy any evidence of our shortcomings.

Details: Nuestra Cocina, 2135 SE Division St. Phone 503-232-2135.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kathleen Bauer said...

Thanks! We've been married now more than half our lives...amazing!