Friday, June 08, 2007

Jesus Is Just All Right!

After we whiled away another lovely afternoon at Laurelwood Pub, sitting outside at the picnic tables and quaffing a pint or so of this year's release of their Green Elephant IPA, we wandered by Lemon Tree, a little store squeezed in between the pub and the Quizno's on the corner. It reminds me of the goofy souvenir shops I saw in Tokyo, chock full of lunch boxes, odd posters and retro knickknacks featuring the likes of sumo wrestlers and Betty Boop (not together).

Outside they had a rack of the coolest tote bags like the one at left ($16) that I am dying to take marketing. (Note the words "Be Worthy" and "Be Noticed" above the women's heads!) There was another one that was themed "Candy from Strangers" as well as odd Asian-chic lettered bags with rabbits and babies. This could be just the place to find that unique gift for your quirky friend, and could relieve you of the guilt of buying bath products (again) because you couldn't find them something more personal.

Details: Lemon Tree Cards Gifts Toys, 1724 NE 40th. Phone 503-287-3070.

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