Monday, April 23, 2007

Some Tuesday Morning

Or, really, any day you need a picture frame, a kitchen item or dog beds, towels, sheets or really just about anything, is a good day to drop by Tueday Morning, a discount store in the Hollywood area. It's located in the basement under a Rite Aid store, and it's good to remember that to get a great bargain you have to sometimes put yourself out there a little. Whoever owns this store is definitely not into frills, if by frills you mean signage, eye appeal or organization. Though it's better than the bins at Goodwill by a long stretch.

Once you've made it down the ill-lit stairway and followed the hand-lettered signs to the front doors, the vista that is Tuesday Morning opens before you and the clean, never-used merchandise is yours for the browsing. I love this place for the aforementioned picture frames, and need to remember it for kitchen utensils and garden pots. They have an amazing selection of glass vases and pitchers, as well as designer pots and pans, small appliances and lots more. So get on your bargain-hunting face and venture down sometime.

Details: Tuesday Morning, 4148 NE Hancock, Suite A. Phone 503-288-7255.

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