Monday, April 02, 2007

More Dog Parkin'

My neighbor Maggie and I love to take our dogs to Kelly Point Park when they need a good run, but sometimes we just don't have time to schlepp all the way out to the river. So our fallback has become Fernhill Park in NE Portland, a couple of blocks from McMenamin's Kennedy School pub.

Its 27 acres has a large off-leash area that covers almost a quarter of its total area, with a ravine and hills for them to wear themselves out on. Plus lots of squirrels to unleash (heh) their hunting instincts...that's Rosey on the left waiting for a squirrel to fall out of the tree and into her mouth.

There are also the ubiquitous tennis courts and play structures for children outside the off-leash area, so the whole family can get their ya-yas out on a sunny day. And stopping for an afternoon beer at the pub on the way back isn't a bad idea, either.

Details: Fernhill Park, NE 37th Ave. and Ainsworth St.

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