Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Shooz, or Party Part 2

It was a puzzle. Needed vintage or vintage-looking shoes for a 50s cocktail party. They needed to be high-heeled and sexy but simple to match the dress I'd chosen. They'd more than likely be worn only once, and I only wanted to spend the minimum.

Goodwill and a couple of vintage shops I tried had nothing in my size or that looked appropriate. I went to the mall hoping to find something on sale, but Nordie's and Macy's prices started at $60 and went up from there (like I said, I'm cheap). A friend suggested trying Payless Shoesource, and it was there I finally hit paydirt.

Not only is there one in our neighborhood (who knew?), but they had a pair of black suede heels that had a vintage flair and a bow that matched the one on my dress. The best part? They were much more comfortable than the torture devices I tried on at the mall, and at the low low price of $19.99 they were a perfect fit. Woo hoo!

Details: Payless Shoesource. Portland locations at 606 SW Alder St., phone 503-222-4394; Lloyd Center, phone 503-335-0902; 6359 NE MLK Jr. Blvd., phone 503-283-3275; 7901 SE Powell, phone 503-771-0542; Milwaukie Market Place, phone 503-654-9121.

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