Thursday, February 01, 2007

What Goes Around

Just got an update from our old friend Joel Weinstein, master of the fondly-remembered ass-kicking local magazine formerly known as Mississippi Mud, who is now ensconced in a little casa in Puerto Rico and causing ripples on the internet with his new venture Rotund World. Though I haven't made it through the whole site, it's an amazingly deep survey of what's going on in the world of Latin American art and culture filtered through Joel's shall-we-say unique perspective.

In the old Mud days, Joel was a neighbor in Sellwood, taking Spanish classes, doing freelance design, writing for local pubs and providing occasional babysitting for parents in desperate need of a break. Then he moved to Austin with ladylove Cheryl, then to Miami and now San Juan where his fluent Spanish has landed him in the center of the art and art-journalism swirl on the island, and Cheryl is putting together breath-taking shows as chief curator at the Museo de Arte de Ponce.

What next? We'll just have to check in with RW for the "homenajes, comings and goings, squabbles, promesas, sales to important collectors, drunken brawls, unconcealed flattery, pissy interchanges, lukewarm showers, boring stretches of nothing going on, accidental deaths, hip-joint replacements, studio hijinks, unintended insults, and a bit of fly-specking, sometimes all at once."

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