Monday, July 29, 2013

Meatless Monday, Meet Pro-Pasture Fridays

My article on a new campaign to promote local farmers and ranchers who raise their animals on grass publishes online today in the Oregonian's FoodDay section in an article titled, "Farmers make the case for pasture-raised animals with Pro-Pasture Fridays."

And yes, that's my photo of cute piglets napping in the grass (above) adorning the article!

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VITAL AWARENESS: The Epicurean and The Activist said...

...and that's one reason we at Vital Awareness promote 'Say No To Meat One Day Each Week" because it frees up a few consumer meat dollars to purchase meat from pasture based humane farmers.
The other reason, which is crucial, is that is is only through industrialized farming practices that we can support our current demand for meat - to end factory farming we have to reduce our meat intake, and meatless one day a week will definitely make a dent in our current consumption rate.
So here's to Pro-Pasture Fridays and saying No To Meat One Day Each Week. - The VA Team