Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Garden 2013: The Taste of Green

The first peas of the season…the tiniest of tastes, maybe a quarter of a cup, but these little sweeties are the equivalent of gold, at least to me. I could pop them into the freezer, then collect their brethren and eventually have enough for a soup or pasta dish. But right now it's enough to ponder blanching this little pile and popping them into my mouth for a burst of green joy.

Salad greens!

There have also been the first few harvests of salad greens and radishes from our little plot, which have come in handy with the hot days we had this last week. One dinner was chopped shrimp, olives, hard-boiled eggs and greens tossed in a bowl, lightly dressed and accompanied by thick slices of Dave's bread and glasses of rosé in the back yard. Another was grilled steak with a pesto of radish greens with a simple salad, a perfect warm summer night's meal.

Radishes, all shapes and sizes.

The tomatoes, which have been waiting patiently for some heat so they can finally start growing, are showing signs of life with a few blossoms and tiny fruit being set. The beans, carrots and basil are also relieved to see the sun, and are stretching out their new leaves to get as much of it as possible. Altogether a promising start to the summer.

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