Monday, August 20, 2012

Cape Breton Island: Arriving in Nova Scotia

We've only just arrived here, but I wanted to share one of our first views of this large island. She's been a bit shy revealing herself, swathed in clouds and fog, and she even tried frightening us with thunder and a drenching downpour our first morning. But as Northwesterners, we know that it'll just take a little patience and she'll see we're not easily discouraged by bad weather.

Definitely not Kansas.

The video above is a view of the Great Bras d'Or channel from the Seal Island Bridge, which connects Boularderie Island and Cape Harris, to where to the channel empties out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Oh, and just so you know, "Boularderie" is pronounced buh-LAHR-dee here. And place names are in English and Scottish, as in the sign above. We're definitely not in Kansas.

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Anonymous said...

My first trip to nova scotia I remember hiking up a road. The sign said,"ohio". I kept walking. Barely 500 yards head the next sign said, "middle ohio". Further ahead, next sign, "upper ohio". I also remember downtown halifax had a chocolate factory. The downtown air smelled like heaven!