Saturday, August 13, 2011

Equal Time for Kitties

I got an e-mail recently from the Association for Fair Treatment of Felines about the amount of time that the dogs were getting on the blog.

The threatening tone and noises being made about "cease and desist," civil rights violations and other unpleasantnesses had me going, "All right, all right already!"

So here you go, AFTF. Happy now?


carol tabb said...

These photos really are quite adorable, so my thanks to you. I hate that you have been browbeaten into this, (or so it would seem) . Nevertheless, I was attracted by your choice featuring a most precocious black kitty. Militancy seems to be in style these tiresome (dog?) days and for someone who puts so some much care and love into their blog, I want you to know you really are much appreciated out here. And to say, also, there are some of us who love BOTH cats and
dogs . . .

Kathleen Bauer said...

Dear Carol, thanks for the support in this circumstance, and for your kind words. I did notice that the aforementioned e-mail came from our own IP address, so it may be an in-house job. Rest assured that I'll be checking into it.