Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cool as a Cucumber

I'm not what you'd call a woo-woo person. Or one who believes that our path is laid out for us like some version of Prince of Persia, where we have to figure out how to jump over the pit of spikes and defeat the "boss" to finish the game. But once in awhile the timing of things seems a tad cosmic.

For instance, it was just about cocktail hour the other evening…you know, when you're supposed to be thinking about what to make for dinner but would really rather put it off for an hour…when I checked my Twitter feed and noticed that Imbibe magazine had tweeted a link to a new cocktail recipe. Hmmm, I said to myself, what could it be?

Well, my friends, it turned out that it was the Cucumber Cooler, described as a "contemporary twist on a gin & tonic." And it called for cucumbers, several of which a friend had (air quotes here) coincidentally just harvested from his garden and shared with us. So call it synchronicity, call it fate, just be sure to call me when it's ready.

Link to recipe here.

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