Thursday, July 07, 2011

Garden State, Big Time

Ever since Kevin Sandri opened his Garden State food cart in Sellwood, I've been a devoted fan of the Italian-American dishes he learned from his mom and brought with him out West. Cranky, sweet, irascible and genuinely funny, this guy puts out some of the best food in PDX, period…yes, even counting sit-down restaurants.

I'm not intimating that GSNW got there first (in…ahem…'07), but it seems that Garden State's gone big-time with a rave from James Cunningham of the Cooking Channel's Eat Street.

No, I'm just happy that Kevin's moved the cart to the Mississippi Marketplace cart pod, which means I can take advantage of his meatball subs, arancine and crazy-delicious burgers any time I feel like it. And maybe get a little spiritual lesson in the bargain…after all, as Monsignor Sandri said on the show, "The higher the burger, the closer to God."

Details: Garden State, 4233 N Mississippi on the corner of N Mississippi and Skidmore. 503-962-9265.

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