Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hit the Deck

On a hot summer day, when there aren't enough fans in the whole world to cool the air in our house, what I want more than anything is a cool drink brought to me as I sit under the dodger of a sailboat out on the river. Since a sailboat isn't exactly close at hand, I've discovered the next best thing at The Deck, my new favorite getaway.

Picture this: a gorgeous sunny day, a comfy deck with a sweeping view of the Columbia River that allows a cooling breeze anywhere from teasing to capable of whipping up (small) whitecaps on the water. Now imagine a happy hour that runs from 11 am to 6 pm with prices on well drinks (including a very nice margarita) for $3.75 and domestic beer for $2.75.

On top of that throw in snacks including a bulging fish taco overflowing with honey batter-crusted halibut showered with cabbage and fresh tomato (with a side of chips and salsa) for $4.75, or maybe a half nacho or a shrimp cocktail for about the same price. It's a great, casual place to take in the river view with out-of-towners or friends, and there's a big awning over part of it for the sun-wary.

What's wrong with this picture? Only the fact that I'm not there right now. Which I will remedy in the very near future, and so should you.

Details: The Deck, 2915 NE Marine Dr. in McCuddy's Marina at the intersection of NE 33rd Dr. and Marine Dr. 503-283-6444.


Nadine said...

Husband and I want to be there - floating on the river eating fish tacos and drinking something icy. Nadine

Kathleen Bauer said...

Let us know the next time you're in town!