Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mixing It Up!

"She’s a willowy strawberry blonde, with a name so poetic it could’ve been lifted from a romance novel. But if you look closer you’ll notice that Columbine Quillen’s sunny good looks are belied by a steely determination in her eyes and a set to her jaw that speak to her upbringing in the mountains of Colorado — one that included racing pack burros, no less.

“'It’s a funny sport where you run over a mountaintop with a donkey,' Quillen says. 'The donkey has to carry a pack saddle with a gold pan, a pick and a shovel in it and the pack has to weigh 33 pounds.' The race can cover anywhere from three to 30 miles of rough terrain, and the racer has to run alongside the donkey — riding it is grounds for disqualification.

I'm very excited that my story on Bend mixologist Columbine Quillen made the cover of the March issue of MIX magazine. Check out the online version here!

Photo of Columbine Quillen by Thomas Boyd for the Oregonian.

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