Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Come In…The Wine's Fine!

Despite the grim news about the economy that is pouring out of every pundit's pie-hole, the good news is that…well…there's lots of good news about good things happening to good people, at least here in my little corner of the world. And doggone it, since this blog is supposed to be about good stuff, I'm gonna share it with you whether you like it or not!

The best news lately is that my brother, Bruce, the ever-upfront guy behind the blog Eat. Drink. Think. and my personal hook-up for fabulous foodstuffs (as well as the papa of my beloved nephew C-boy), has today opened his spiffy new location on the corner of SE 28th and Ash. Just down the street from Ken's Artisan Pizza and on the opposite corner from Crema and Coalition Brewery, it's a bigger, more uptown-yet-still-accessible set-up.

So if you're in the neighb', stop in, check out the space and give him a big ol' sloppy one from his big sis. (I dare ya!)

Details: Vino, 137 SE 28th Ave. 503-235-8545.


Alan Cordle said...

Glad to see him move closer in. And near Ken's!

Kathleen Bauer said...

I'm glad to have him closer, too! Plus it's a great neighborhood…one that deserves a great wine shop, don't you think?