Friday, February 05, 2010

Looks Like Spring

Oh, to be a chicken and know that spring is on the way!

My friend Clare at Big Table Farm told me that her chickens were laying more eggs now that spring was on the way and they were finding plenty of bugs and other crawly things to eat in their pasture. And because those happy chickens were laying lots of eggs, she had plenty to spare…would I like some?

Who am I to turn down these delicious and gorgeous treasures? She sent a couple dozen into town with her friend Michael from Storyteller Wine, and said there will be lots more next week. Looks like it's time to make a soufflé!

To find out more about how much work Clare puts into her chickens (and thus their eggs), read this post about the chickens, and check out her blog about farm life in Oregon.


Clare Carver said...

thanks so much!! for the lovely post!!

Kathleen Bauer said...

Thank you and your lovely girls for those eggs. Yum!