Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A la Cart: Garden State Branches Out

Self-satisfied? Maybe even a little smug? No, not the happy mug above, though he does look pretty dang pleased, doesn't he?

It was just a couple of days ago that I caught a glimpse of my reflection and there was definitely a Cheshire-cat grin crossing my face. Not because spring is busting out all over, at least judging by the buds on the daphne in the garden, but because my neighborhood is getting more and more awesome by the day.

The Garden State meatball hero.

Sunday was a particular bellwether because it heralded the opening of the second location of Garden State, Kevin Sandri's temple to the street food of Sicily that has been the toast of the Sellwood neighborhood for the last couple of years. You see, the ever-alert Mr. Sandri heard that there was an opening at Mississippi Marketplace, the brand new cart pod surrounding German beer palace Prost!, and he jumped on it.

The bright'n'shiny new cart!

So his fantastic arancini and the heavenly meatball hero that I've had to drive aaaaaall the way to Sellwood to enjoy is a mere few minutes' stroll away. And he's discovered that he can post his menu on the side of the cart and make changes with the swipe of a Windex-soaked rag. How cool is that?

Oh, and for his Sellwood fans, who have been bereft since his original location there had to be closed (seems like there's an outbreak of crazy-landlord-itis going around), have only to wait a little longer for him to reopen at a location just a hundred or so feet south. (I'll keep you posted!)

Until then, I'll plan on seeing you at his new cart on a regular basis. I'll be the one wearing the big grin!

Details: Garden State at Mississippi Marketplace, 4237 N Mississippi Ave.

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