Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Rants on Ramps

Because this blog is all about news you can really use, versus the stuff that passes for information on the front page of, say, the New York Times or the twaddle that takes up airtime on NPR, for those who need to know more about the burning issues of our time I've got a couple of hot scoops to pass on. Or at least a couple of blog posts that piqued my interest this morning.

A couple of Mark Bittman's pals have contributed posts about ramps, one by Daniel Meyer titled "Ramping Up for Spring" that has several delicious-sounding ideas for using this wild member of the leek family, and a lovely essay touting the same vegetable's spring debut by veteran Edward Schneider, "An Old Hand's View of Ramps." For those who can't get enough, there's also a post from Ed from last year.

And a question for those in the know: I've heard rumors of ramps being found right here in the Northwest, though our area doesn't appear on any maps I've seen of the plant's habitat. Does anyone know if this is true? Curious (and hungry) readers want to know!

Photo at top by Daniel Meyer; photo on left by Edward Schneider, both for Bitten.

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