Monday, April 27, 2009

The Garden: Week 2

Like finding a penny on the sidewalk (and, by the way, I don't buy the face-up is good, face-down is bad addendum), it looks like my garden luck has turned. Not that last spring's cold and damp was my fault, by any stretch, but there are signs that this year may be very, very good for our dinner table.

Going down the planting list, the carrots haven't poked up yet, but the radishes, arugula and mesclun are all popping up, and it looks like the volunteer chard from last year has survived after a bit of an early scare. No snap peas yet, but the rhubarb is unfurling several new leaves.

And those other grand plans? Well, you'll be pleased that I've got two bids from landscapers to remove the parking strip tree that's heaving up the sidewalk and shading my beds, not to mention taking up valuable south-facing soon-to-be tomato beds. Now I'm waiting for the city to approve a permit and it (and the arbor vitae hedge) will be history!

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