Monday, March 30, 2009

Cardiologist Recommended But Not Required

The crazy guys at Kenny & Zuke's were just playin' around and came up with the ultimate (and you're not out of line to think, "Yeah, ultimately insane!") reuben sandwich. In Nick's own words:

"That, my friends, is a DDD reuben—as in triple-decker. In the middle is the standard lovely reuben with 9-10 ozs. of house-made pastrami, two slices of Swiss, Russian, and kraut. On top and bottom is another reuben, each with about 4 ozs. of pastrami and two slices of Swiss cheese. That's over a pound of pastrami, 1/4 lb. of swiss cheese and a whole bunch of creamy Russian all grilled together into a delicious mess. And as if that wasn't a cholesterol bomb waiting to explode in your heart, we went ahead and battered and deep-fried it. Hey, what can I say, we like to have some fun once in a while."

You can take a look at the process of creating this masterpiece/monstrosity here. And by the way, they're not planning on putting it on the menu, but it will be offered one day only on Wednesday, April 1.

Details: Kenny & Zukes, 1038 SW Stark St. 503-222-3354.


Josh_Capps said...

This sammy is so disturbing, yet, I'm strangely drawn to it.

Thanks for setting up my future weekend lunch plans ;)

Kathleen Bauer said...

Scary, huh? And if you do go, you won't regret it...everything there is great.