Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog for Food: The Final Push

Not to get too graphic, but for all of you who've been through (or been around) childbirth, the critical moment is when that baby's head is crowning and the final push needs to happen. For those of you who find that too squirm-inducing, think of football when it's fourth down and goal to go, or baseball when the batter's got two outs with the bases loaded. Or...well, you get the picture.

It's been three weeks of amazing developments in the Blog for Food campaign, and there's one week left to go. We've had Oregon bloggers signing up in droves, with 48 currently participating. One post from Food Dude at Portland Food & Drink recalls his own experience of need earlier in his life.

In addition, several bloggers have volunteered their businesses for food drop-offs:
  • Saraveza, 1004 N Killingsworth
  • Vino, 1226 SE Lexington in Sellwood
  • Gilt Club, 306 NW Broadway downtown
The amount isn't important - almost anyone can afford to donate $5 or a can of something - but it is important to help your neighbors who can't afford food for their families. Click here to donate and, when you make your donation, please remember to enter "blog for food" in the tribute section on the donation page so that it counts towards our campaign. Thanks in advance for doing your part!

We have a total! As of last Friday (2/21), $1210 has been donated to the OFB directly as a result of our efforts. Every $12 is enough for the OFB to collect and distribute an Emergency Food Box, which feeds a family of four for 3-5 days. $1210 represents over 100 food boxes. Thank you everyone!

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