Friday, February 06, 2009

25 Random Food Things

My friend, neighbor and cookbook author Ivy Manning just posted "25 Random Things About Food and Me" on her blog at

Number 13? "I don’t see why everyone makes such a big deal of beef tenderloin. Braise me a knuckle, tail or neck bone and I’m all yours." At number 20 she wrote, intriguingly, "I have shaken hands with Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl, Charlie Trotter, Ming Tsai and Alton Brown. Only one really impressed me." But the one that made me laugh out loud was number 24: "My favorite quote is by Dolly Parton. When asked if she had a sweet tooth, she replied, 'Oh honey, I’d much rather have one little potato than a whole pie!'"

She asked others to post their lists, so here's mine:
  1. When I was around 10, I ate only Velveeta cheese for two weeks. I haven't touched it since.
  2. My downfall is eating when I'm not hungry. That said, I'm lucky I don't weigh 300 lbs.
  3. I'd be a vegetarian, but I can never turn down a nice steak.
  4. On that same note, I believe that the best people like their egg yolks runny and their steaks medium rare.
  5. I will pick up a piece of food that's fallen on the floor, blow on it and eat it.
  6. My favorite cocktail is the one I have in my hand. Given a choice, though, I'll take Dave's Negroni over any other.
  7. I still crave the Big Ol' Chocolate Cake from my brother's Shakers Cafe, but the Devil's Food Chocolate Cake at 50 Plates comes close.
  8. I got through my pregnancy in large part because of the (pre-Starbucks) decaf cafe au laits at the old Victoria's Nephew downtown.
  9. Red wine goes with everything.
  10. As a toddler, my son would name his broccoli after us ("This one's Mommy!") and then gleefully chomp the head off.
  11. I liked the food (and the people) better in Korea than Japan.
  12. I want to write about food and travel for the New York Times.
  13. My mom's tuna casserole (made with, yes, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup) is still my idea of the ultimate comfort food.
  14. I curse the day that Kettle Chips came out with their "Krinkle-Cut" salt and pepper chips.
  15. I would rather have a fruit pie or crisp than anything made with chocolate. (Not that I'd turn it down, mind you!)
  16. The perfect man? He grills me steaks and makes me cocktails. And he's my husband.
  17. The best time to try out a new recipe is when you have guests.
  18. People who are picky about their food (or, really, about anything) are exceedingly tiresome.
  19. Well-behaved pets should be allowed in restaurants and pubs.
  20. My brother is one of my favorite cooks. I'd reschedule almost any event if he invited me over.
  21. The best food is the simplest. That's why, currently, the best restaurant in Portland is Evoe on Hawthorne.
  22. I was devastated recently when I broke my great-grandmother's potato masher.
  23. Speaking of cookware, the good stuff (like Le Creuset) is worth the price. But it's even better if you get it on sale.
  24. I like my pot roast better than anyone else's, including those I've had in restaurants. Ditto for my paella (photo, top).
  25. Best quote: "Life itself is the proper binge." By Julia Child, the woman I want to be when I grow up.
Now it's your turn! What are your 25 random food things?


Dave said...

Your #18 is very cool. I especially can't stan those picky folks who are also preachy about their picks when someone disagrees with them. They deserve to be force-fed jail food!

Kathleen Bauer said...

Or maybe just getting a life. As in, "Live and let live."

Heather said...

Your #18 is on my 25 Things list, too, and mine wasn't even totally food-related. Picky eaters are one of my great sources of eyerolls. I think they're thinly-veiled anorexics, personally.

Hey, I just found your blog because I'm participating in the Blog For Food event. So glad to have made your acquaintance. I'll be back.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Whether they're anorectic or just fearful and insecure, I can't really say. I just want to tell them, "Hey, lighten up and enjoy yourself. Life is short!" (They never ask, though, darn it.)

And thanks for being part of Blog for Food!

Anonymous said...

#5.....people are WAY too concerned about a little bit of's good for you.

#9....of course ;-)

Kathleen Bauer said...

How did you know I had you in mind with both of those???

Thanks, Glassylady.

Ivy said...

Way to go Kathleen, I love number 5. Me too!!

Kathleen Bauer said...

And look what you got started, Ivy! What a fun exercise...

Anonymous said...

A random one: I love sharing food, especially in restaurants, but I hate when people help themselves off my plate without asking.

Kathleen Bauer said...

That's just plain rude!

Anonymous said...

Love to get your paella recipe, looks great!

bb said...

Gosh, thanks for the compliment. The best part of being one of your favorite cooks is you're one of my favorite guests! Love you!!

Kathleen Bauer said...

TK, you can download a pdf of the recipe here. Enjoy!

And bb, love you both, too!

Anonymous said...

18: Agree. I'm allergic to them.
19: Disagree. I'm allergic to them too.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Sorry to hear you're allergic to pets, Jessica. I'd bring home an alligator if it followed me out of the swamp. You can only imagine what my family's had to put up with!

Maris said...

This is fun! And I think a blog is a much better place for 25 Things than Facebook - just my opinion :)

Kathleen Bauer said...

Plus food is so much more interesting to talk about than just about anything else!